Kerala Saksharatha Mission Result

Kerala Saksharatha Mission Result

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The day 18th April 1991 is auspicious,for it is written in golden letters in the history of kerala.It was on this day kerala was encrowned the one and only ‘State with Total Literacy’, as the culmination of long and strenuous efforts. It was Chelakkodan Aishumma of Malappuram,a neo-literate, who declared the State ‘Sampoorna Saksharatha State’ in the presence of thousands of people who thronged the historic Mananchira stadium,Kozhikod. The ‘flame of literacy’ was thus set in across the entire State from villages to villages, towns to towns and districts to districts. Earliar, Kottayam had attained the position of the first town with total literacy in the state on 18th June, 1989. It was succeeded by Ernakulam which became the first Total Literacy District on February 4, 1990.

As per the approaching paper for the 12th Five Year Plan approved by the State Planning Board, Government of Kerala, the state is estimated to have 18 lakh illiterates and 12 lakh neo literates. They found that pockets of illiteracy are urban slums, coastal areas and tribal settlements which needs to receive special attention. The initiatives taken by the National Literacy Mission under the Saakshar Bharat Scheme to reduce illiteracy may be extended to the tribal, fisher folks and other socially marginalized people of Kerala. Another group to be focused is the 25-30 lakhs of migrant population from the various north Indian states.There will be an atempt to recast the definition of literacy beyond the capacity to read and write, to move towards imparting a set of carefully designed skills, information and knowledge to the needy.

Presently The Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority (K.S.L.M.A) is focussing not only to letter and numerically literacy, but the other areas also. These are following;

1.Heaith care  2.Social afforestation  3.Legal literacy  4.Financial literacy  5.Protection of environment  6.Disaster risk reduction and preparedness  7.  Electoral Literacy  8. Cleaning literacy  9.Waste Managment  10.Family literacy ect.


To develop literacy skills though continuing education.

To provide chances of each and everyone interested in learning.

To enable the learners to make use of their learning in their daily life.

To develop consciousness to evaluate different social issues.

To conduct research studies associated with nonformal education.

To ensure Secondary-level education to the whole of Kerala.

To nurture career efficiency programmes.

To inform the people about developmental and welfare projects of the government.



Neo-literates Scool drop-outs

Those interested in Life Long Education

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