Rainbow talent search examination Results

rainbow talent search examination results

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Human resources is the most powerful growth engine of modern India. Our country leaders realised this factor and gave maximum priority and support for the effective development of future generations.

Today, education is an important requirement in our country. Books play an important role in the mental growth of every child.

At Rainbow, we ensure that the learning process is an enriching and stimulating one. Children are constantly encouraged to think independently and come to logical conclusions, thereby discouraging memorizing or learning by rote.

Rainbow Publishers have a serious outlook towards our social responsibilities and therefore make sure that our books are accurate and have the right contents. The company has published more than 240 titles and presently cater to more than 2000 schools. These figures keep increasing every year, as a result of our thorough research and relentless efforts to publish well graded books every time.

At Rainbow Publishers, our vision is to develop quality educational materials while ensuring that they are also an enjoyable experience to the children.
Our mission is to inculcate values like ‘sharing’, ‘caring’, ‘team work’, ‘honesty’, etc, in the children. We believe that these qualities will help the children to set the right attitude towards life and society.