(Under TREND Kerala)

Strengthening Muslim community in the field of higher education, placing 100 youths in civil service and subsequent dream careers every year.

STEP (Students Talent Empowering Programme) focuses over all development of a student’s profile aiming to mould his tal  ents sutably into the realm of higher education and career. It enables the community to attain the peak of educational develepment. It focuses basically on Civil Service achievement. STEP encourages our students to find their own way in the field of higher education other than Engineering and Medicine.

About STEP
STEP is a project which guide the young talented students towards the gate of Civil Service. Our aim is to provide the selected students with intensive training and guidance.

Why Civil Service.?

Civil service is the backbone of Government and non-Government service sector A student who takes part in Civil Service Training programme achieves his overall development. Civil Servant are the person who can directly work for the welfare of the backward people.

steps into STEP:
Residential Camps
Virtual Classes
Mail Communication
Subjective Training
Experts interactions