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Revamping of Muslim Community in the facets of Education and Career. Correlating both the Mundane and spiritual trends in Education Empowering the younger generation to face the current threats of Global education.

TREND activates as a resourceful academic team under SKSSF with vivid goal and creative attitude.
In SKSSF state secretariat there will be a linking faculty with the state level TREND team. TREND state level body include Chairman, vice chairman, Director, coordinator and 7 more executive members. Apart from them a consultancy panel.
The consultancy panel is functional consisting of university faculties, academicians and research scholars. In state level senior RP team and Junior RP team are on track to impart Training.The district TREND committee includes 7-9 member team including Chairman, Vice Chairman, a convener, Joint Convener and coordinator. In zonal (mekhala) and cluster level 5-7 member team with Chairman and Convener. In unit level at least a convener who is a member of the unit SKSSF committee
We have 120 junior RA team and 30 Senior RP team to impart training, counseling and motivations. Recently we focuses more on Mahallu Jama’ath aiming the overall innovations of Ummah at the grass root level. Youc an associate with TREND as a co-ordinator, trainer, financial supporter etc. Organization main aim to change the attitude of the community, to enhance the confidence level of the younger generation, to trace the presence of the Muslim community in every phases of Education, Employment and career, to create and sustain competitive spirit in the younger generation ,To import Moral theme and notions in an attractive scientific strategies.


Under SKSSF there are several sub wings. TREND Deals with only Educational Activities. We conduct several campaigns including Training, counseling and motivation.Teachers, professionals, academicians and scholars are the key resource and faculties of TREND. Sayyid Munavvarali Shihab Thangal of Panakkad is the Chairman.


TREND is Associated with Samastha which involves around 7000 mahallus in Kerala and around 9000 Madrasas all over the world. Therefore this system can represent the major volume of the community and the whole intervention will reach the greatest level very easily and intensively.

 TREND Programs

Defining program excellence is a high priority. Many national, provincial/territorial and local groups are defining excellence in terms of program goals and standards. People are being challenged to develop programs that increase individual performance related to these standards. Here is a partial listing of the training programs we’ve delivered on-site.

 TREND Services

Varies training programmes such as motivation Kurunnu Koottam, family counselling, promotional course, leadership training, career guidance etc TREND has well visioned and training resource group.